Promise For Tomorrow, a World War II series
Friends and Enemies

A heartbroken German widow. A grieving American airman.
They meet when he’s shot down. She agrees to help.
Then they’re betrayed.
            Widowed seamstress Heidi Wetzel finds new meaning in life by caring for evacuated children on a farm in war-torn western Germany. Never a supporter of National Socialism, she takes pleasure in passive resistance, but must exercise caution around neighbors who delight in reporting to the Gestapo. Having lived in the United States, she wonders about her friend Rachel.

             Flying cadet Paul Braedel’s wife dies while he trains for the U.S. Army Air Corps. Following bereavement leave, he joins a navigation class. He’s lost his zest for life and heads to England, not caring if he lives or dies.
            When he and his crew are shot down over Germany, he evades capture and, for the first time since Rachel’s death, hears the voice of God whisper guidance. “Find Heidi.”
            Heidi meets a man she recognizes from her high school days in America. Aiding a downed airman is punishable by execution, but she agrees to help.
            She takes him to the farm to pose as a convalescing German soldier. Through her brother’s underground contacts, Paul acquires German ID papers. Before he can journey along an escape route, they’re betrayed and the Gestapo comes calling. Together, Paul and Heidi flee across Germany in a desperate journey for Allied lines.

2013 Category 5 Contest Historical Winner


No Neutral Ground

Germany rejected him. America took him in. Now he’s back,
at war with his homeland and his father, who turned his back.

After his father divorces his mother because of her Jewish ancestry, Rafe and the rest of his family flee Germany. As a B-17 navigator, he returns to Europe. On the ocean voyage, he meets Jennie, an artist journeying to Sweden to work with the OSS.

Flying missions against his former homeland arouses emotions that surprise Rafe. Despite being rejected, he is troubled by the destruction of Germany and his heart still cries for his father’s love.

Sweden may be neutral, but it’s full of intrigue. Jennie assists the OSS at the American legation in Sweden. She thought she’d be doing passive, behind-the-scenes work. Instead, she’s pushed into an active role to gain intelligence and frustrate the Germans.
            How can Rafe and Jennie succeed in their dangerous roles when they are so conflicted?

2012 ACFW Genesis Historical Finalist, 2014 Genesis Semi-Finalist



Coming December 2

Soar Like Eagles

She wants to do her part for the war, but struggles to maintain her ideals.
He joins the air force, hoping to find peace.
            Carol becomes a Red Cross doughnut girl, serving GIs and boosting their morale.
Believing wartime romances are doomed to disappointment, she attempts to avoid entanglements and transfers to France, away from Chet, the airman she’s falling for.
            Chet’s father always belittled him. Now a well-regarded navigator, he longs to prove him wrong. He’s ditched in the North Sea, parachuted into France, and been called before a review. His focus changes to staying alive and winning the Red Cross girl he keeps crossing paths with.

2013 ACFW First Impressions Historical Winner