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Women of Courage. During days of war, women faced many challenges. Maybe their husbands were away in the service. They had to manage home and family, handle their finances, make do with shortages, on their own. Maybe they served in the military. They lived a Spartan life, possibly overseas in a war zone, far from loved ones.

Men of Honor. In times of war, men were expected to do the unthinkable. Kill or be killed. Could they keep their faith? Their morals? Could they love their enemies while seeing their friends die?

Some people find history to be boring. It doesn’t have to be a recitation of facts and dates. By telling stories set in another era, that time can come to life again. The lifestyles may have been different, but the people still loved their families, enjoyed their friends, and strove for happiness. Through the pages of a novel, history becomes enlightening and entertaining.