Tuesday, April 27, 2021

How Graphic is Too Graphic?

 Some reviewers of my new novel The Storm Breaks Forth considered portions of it to be difficult to read. Said one, “Some scenes are extremely intense and horrific, which may be difficult for a few readers, for this reason, I would suggest the book be read by those over 16.” Another wrote, “If you are squeamish about war stories, be aware that the battle scenes are vivid.”

I include war scenes because that’s what war is. It’s not glorious. There may be honor or courage or heroics, but glory? Where is the glory in killing and maiming and innocent babies dying?

Many combatants in World War I were eager to go into battle. Did they change their minds after seeing their buddies vaporized in shell bursts or suffer their own limbs sliced off by shrapnel? I wonder. So many suffered shell shock, or returned home and refused to speak about their experiences.

I refuse to whitewash war. That said, my idea for a new book contains no battle scenes!


  1. Terri,
    I think it helps us appreciate the soldiers even more. Don't change history, don't whitewash the battle scenes you write. I'm not saying I enjoy reading the horrific events, but it gives me a deeper appreciation of my freedom.