Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Inspiration Point

When my family began publishing Classic Boating magazine in 1984, the inside back cover was reserved for Inspiration Point, a benediction at the end of each issue. My dad felt led by God to start the magazine when we were going through a rough patch. Inspiration Point is our acknowledgement that God is in control. Eventually, the task of writing the brief missive fell to me, which I do with a pseudonym. Here is one of them.

Photo by Jim Wangard

             Pussy Cat spent his days lounging on the top of the fence separating his yard from the rest of the neighborhood complex. He never deigned to socialize. If anyone approached with the hope of petting him, he leaped down inside his yard.

            The day came when his people moved away. Either they didn’t care to take him along or he hid and they gave up on him. Either way, he was now alone in the world.

            The new residents apparently didn’t want a cat. They didn’t feed him. No longer was he king atop his fence.

            He began to roam the complex. At first, he avoided contact with anyone. As the days went by, however, he grew thin. His glossy coat became dull and matted.

            Starvation prevented him from running away anymore. When a tin of sardine scraps was placed before him, he gratefully licked it clean.

            More days passed and he disappeared. No doubt he had crawled off to die alone, as he had lived alone.

            Two are better than one... If they fall down, they can help each other up. But pity those who fall and have no one to help them up. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

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